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Les Etains du Graal - L'Ultime Battle

Les Etains du Graal - L'Ultime Battle

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Fantastisches Schach-Spiel aus Zinn, ca. 60cm hoch, Brett ca. 60 x 60cm Figuren zwischen 10-15cm

Les Etains du Graal - L'Ultime Battle 

Product Description Arthurian Chess Set - Possess the ultimate battle between good and evil. King Arthur and his noble allies take on the cruel warlord Mordred and his evil horde for control of the Kingdom of Camelot. This chess set is utterly amazing in detail and makes a stunning battlefield for chess play. The chessboard stand is shaped like a growing tree with dangling leaves revealing the entrance to the magical Kin gdom of Camelot. Camelot shines with its glorious castles and mighty towers on one side of the stand with the esoteric Excalibur sword on the other side making a spectacular visual. The chessboard stands 800mm in height, 640mm long, and 640 mm wide.


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  • Typ: Schach
  • Produzent/Verlag: Les Etains du Graal
  • Verlagsnummer: -
  • Autor/Künstler: -
  • Erscheinungsjahr: vor 2004
  • Technik: Zinn
  • Zustand: 1 - 2
  • Antiquarisch: Ja
  • Herkunft: Frankreich
  • Sprache: -
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